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Darren Newland, Abbey Surgery Practice Manager
Darren Newland

Practice Manager
Our practice manager is Darren Newland. If you think he can be of assistance to you regarding any suggestions or problems please ring him or call in at the surgery.

Our receptionists are here to help you communicate with us. Please help them by giving as much appropriate information as you can.

Nursing Team

Our Practice Nurses are Emma Banks, Fiona Bond, Jill Kerswill, Sarah Prior, Victoria Homer, Heidi Brodribb and Naomi Pinkney.

Emma Banks, Practice Nurse
Emma Banks
Fiona Bond, Practice Nurse
Fiona Bond
Jill Kerswell, Practice Nurse
Jill Kerswell
Sarah Prior
Sarah Prior

Their skills include immunisations, travel advice, dressings, dietary and weight advice, contraceptive services including emergency contraception, health screening and smoking cessation and many aspects of general nursing. In addition to this they also run our asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetic and hypertension clinics.

Victoria Homer, Practice Nurse
Victoria Homer
Heidi Brodribb, Practice Nurse
Heidi Brodribb
Naomi Pinkney, Practice Nurse
Naomi Pinkney
Caron Livermore, Health Care Assistant
Caron Livermore
Sue Newton, Health Care Assistant
Sue Newton
Kathy Williams, Phlebotmist
Kathy Smith
Derina Ludwig, Phlebotomist
Derina Ludwig
Tate, Phlebotomist
Sharon Tate
Melanie Pengelly, Phlebotomist
Melanie Pengelly

Caron Livermore, Sue Newton and Davina Ludwig are our Healthcare Assistants and their skills include dressings, smoking cessation, diagnostic tests such as ECGs, taking bloods, blood pressure and many other aspects of care.

Kathy Smith, Sharon Tate and Melanie Pengelly are our Phlebotomists taking blood and blood pressures.

Appointments can be booked by telephone, email or at reception.

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Community Nursing Team
Our district nurses provide nursing care at home. They can be contacted by telephoning 01822 612711 or 612247 and leaving a message.

Health Visitors
The health visitors are especially concerned with the health of your children and the family. They can be contacted by telephoning 01822 619700 and leaving a message.

Macmillan Nurse
Macmillan nurses provide care and support for people with cancer. They can be contacted by telephoning 01752 436730 and leaving a message.

Community Midwifery Team
A community midwife and a doctor work together to care for you during your pregnancy and delivery. Midwifes can be contacted on 01822 619710 and leaving a message.

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