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Abbey Surgery

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Autumn Flu and Covid Vaccinations

There has been a delay to booking for flu and covid for this Autumn.

This is due to a change in Government advice. 

Last years flu vaccination in particular was not as effective as usual and did not protect so well during February and March. The advice is that by starting to give the vaccinations a little later then the vaccination should protect longer over the winter and in to early spring.

We will be sending out text messages initially that will allow those with Smartphones to book directly from their phone without the need to telephone us.

Those patients without Smartphones will still need to call us on 01822 612247.

Those without a mobile phone will receive a call from us to book.

In the meantime feel free to call and book now.

If you have already booked elsewhere for September the clinical guidance is not to have the vaccination that early and we would advise you to cancel that and you can book into our clinics.

Tavistock appointments will be on Saturdays 07th and 14th October and 4th November.

Bere Alston appointments will be on Fridays 13th and 20th October and 3rd November.

Those patients who are eligible are:

Over 65 years of age

Aged 6 months to under 65 years of age in a clinical risk group

Pregnant women


Close contacts of immunocompromised individuals

Frontline workers such as those working in care homes or domicilliary workers

All care home patients and Housebound in the above categories.

We will be calling parents of 2 and 3 years old and children in the at risk groups once we know the delivery dates of that particular vaccination.

Unlike previous years those aged 50-64 that are not in a clinical risk group ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for a flu or covid vaccination this year

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