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Abbey Surgery


A standard prescription form contains the important information:

NHS Number

This uniquely identifies you. You will need this number for requesting repeat prescriptions by email.

Current Prescription

This is the medication you are currently taking.

Repeat Prescription

You may request repeat prescriptions for any of the items in this list.

Medication Quantity

This is the quantity which will be supplied on repeat prescriptions.

Medication Review Date

Once you reach this date your medication will need to be reviewed by a doctor. You may need to make an appointment at this time.

When you collect your medication from the Pharmacy or Dispensary, the left (green) half of the form is retained by the Pharmacist and you will be given the repeat prescription slip (right hand side).

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are taking regular medication you may be given a repeat prescription allowing you to order without seeing a doctor. Repeat prescriptions must be requested at least 72 hours in advance (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).

Please note that once you reach your medication review date shown on the repeat prescription slip you may continue to order your medication. Should your Doctor wish to review this with you an appointment will be offered.

You may not request medication which is not on your repeat prescription without seeing a doctor. You will be dispensed only the quantity of medication shown on your repeat prescription.

You can request a repeat prescription in one of the following ways:

Prescription Charges

The cost of a prescription is £9.65. You may be exempt, depending on your circumstances. You can buy a pre-payment certificate lasting 3 months for £31.25 or 1 year for £111.60. For more information call 0300 330 1341 or apply on-line.